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Ghost of the Beast

by Kelli Schaefer

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released March 1, 2011

Kelli Schaefer, Drew Grow, Jeremiah Hayden, Kris Doty, Bryan Free, Nate Purscelley, Seth Schaper, The Bridge Family Choir

Mixed/Mastered/Additional Instrumentation by KIV Evan Hodge at Blackhorse Masters
Produced by Drew Grow & Kelli Schaefer
Recorded at Amigo/Amiga Homeland



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Kelli Schaefer Portland

“Schaefer possesses an almost otherworldly voice ­— a beguiling instrument that conveys clear-eyed beauty and truth, sometimes dropping its guard to reveal vulnerability and sometimes baring its fangs like a cornered animal.” - NPR

“...a voice one could only describe as haunting.” - KEXP

“Kelli Schaefer is a raw and undeniable talent.” - OPB Music
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Track Name: The Fury
There is a curtain hangs before me/ steadied by the sturdiest of steal/ I couldn’t cut it with the sharpest iron/ my own strength is useless to its strong intricate weave/ but I can hear the earth move with their dancing/ and I can hear the laughter on the other side/ and if time is all we need then who is sharpening the steal/ oh hell/ just give me a latter to climb

But cheating only takes you to the fences/ to feed freedom through the chicken wire/ entertains your most gullible senses/ a game when played cannot fulfill the root of your desire/ so ill retrace my steps back to the river/ where I first learned to use my hands/ where I once lived with grace/ love and compassion for the world/ oh heaven/ give me a second chance

God would you send me somebody who understands the fury/ who understands the fury well/ he’s gonna have to be a fighter/ gonna have to know the story/ strong enough to tell it to me when I’ve lost my head
Track Name: Ghost of the Beast
Mother, you taught me good/ you made me want to do the things that I should/ you told me Jesus ‘s gonna make me a saint/ gonna take my hand and make my life complete/but the narrow path is closing in/sometimes I think I’m too fat to fit on it/ when the curtains close because the clouds rolled in/its taking me right back down/ right back down, right back down to the same dungeon.

When the cold heartedness of the ghost of the beast is beating on you like a state police/ and the only friends that you make are the ones that take take take and they take take take and they got big guns

If I had a mind sharper than a needle/ I’d reinvent the wheel/ and take us all home/ where we would know that we’ve got windows to close when it gets cold
but I ain’t got no

But the narrow path is closing in/ sometimes I think I’m too fat to fit on it/ when the curtains close because the clouds rolled in/ its taking me right back down, right back down, right back down to the same dungeon
Track Name: Better Idea
Take my hand on the front line/ take my hand in the back row/ when I’m tired of repeating/ hold me close don’t let me go/ because I want to be louder/ and to stand up tall/ but I am loading all my cannons with cotton balls/ and its not working

I’ve got the better idea/ they’ve all got leveler heads/ so we listen to their ideas instead/ still I’ve got the better idea

Well I can’t treat my body like a temple when it is failing/ are you kidding/ was that your plan to keep my grounded? It’s not working/ and this seed that you have planted is needing things that I can’t give it

How low does it go?
How low can it get when you’re waiting?
It cannot be done
But I’m scared because I can’t stop trying
Track Name: Black Dog
I cant bury the black dog/ mortuary/ singing till the sun comes up/ you ain’t getting a hold of me/ bones bleeding (if bones can bleed)/ sore and seething all in harmony/ you ain’t getting a hold of me/ I cant believe your serious/ short tail/ long legs/ sharp teeth

Coat tails dragging behind me/ torn sails/ whipping in the cold dark sea/ you ain’t getting a hold of me/ rapping on my bones/ beating on my bones/ keeping a beat/ I’m sending everything to sleep/ and you ain’t getting a good hold/ I will use the coal you gave me/ make a timeless masterpiece

Oh no/ you ain’t getting a hold of me

Dang dog/ claws in my side/ slowing me down and making strange noises/ creeping around and settling in slowly/ making the fire grow above and below me/ all I need to do now is to make my bed/ all I need to give now is to get some rest/ coming in and settling in slowly and making the fire grow above and below me/ I cant believe that you don’t hear me (but you will eventually)
Track Name: Gone in Love
I will wipe my brothers tears with the sleeve of my jacket/ and we will beat the nighttime bloody with this song/ joys strong mallet/ and the weight wont be weighty/ will never be overbearing/ when the burden is love/ it is the only weight that ever was worth carrying.

I will hold my sister even though my arms are shaking/ we’ll demand that she be given back what has been taken/ when your gone in love there is no risk there is no prize/ just a table maybe a warm heart maybe a trusting pair of eyes

I will sing my mother hymns of old when she is passing/ for every heartache I have caused/ oh my mother I am sorry/ but when you sang it broke my heart/ I fell in love with your trying/ and I want you to know that there is nothing you have done that has been wasted
Track Name: Sister K
Sometimes we must wait a long time/ to find out that something does not work right/ it might be a long road to healing/ if we wait/ and we expect the best to come from what is left/ sometimes the pain from the waiting/ eats away at everything we have been protecting

After a good fight with illustrious intention/ after a good fight we barely broke the movement/ after a good hard fight with the purest of desire/ oh god I’m still on fire

Come here tired thing/ I have two arms/ your staggering/ let me fold you in
I still believe in who you are

It might seem like we’ve no use for Nostalgia/ I think you’re right/ so we pull the anchor/ plot the course
Track Name: Home
Sometimes quiet and wrong for being so/ so quiet the lips grow shut/ while the floor boards of the stomach are growing dust/ I don’t want to talk/ sometimes I want to stop

Somewhere pushing and pulling the air/ I’m struggling downhill like an angry bear/ to cancel the meeting/ because we already know what were doing/ I already know what I’m doing

I don’t have a system for that/ could you be a little softer a little kinder/ maybe if I have a glass of water/ maybe if I spoke a little louder/ are you with me or are you sitting on your hands? I know you know, no need to be accessing the damage

(Nobody knows how hard you are trying)
Track Name: City Morgue
Call it what you want, I call it a clean break/ parts of me dead gone, falling off and washing away/ so stop me when I start back up again. I could make you proud, make you clap your hands and stand/ if you let me stone this coward, before I’m down and I cant get back up again/ you gotta stop me when I start back up again.

I will let you down

Hold your temper under water/ hand your canvas to your brother

Jericho just fell down, forget it like a corpse in the grave/ I know what its like to bury my heart in a dying idea/ you gotta stop me when I start

I will let you down

Seek and ye just might find nothing/ there’s nothing left/ no one is watching
Track Name: Our Makeshift Gears Grind Gracefully
Take a slow deep breath my love/ there aint nothing to be ashamed of/ disapproval, failing health, the never ending absence of wealth/ I must admit I tug the rope

And oh the static, constant sound/ the neon lights burning all the good out/ we move too slow we don’t fit in/but our makeshift gears grinding gracefully, don’t ever stop were stable and were steady and we fear, we’ll be martyred then/ for knowing that something is wrong, but we cant put our finger on it

A heart of gold is so hard to manage.

I watch it all unwind, to watch it wind back up again/ and I feel my body aching with the times like a shivering widow pulls the needle through, stitching up these old truths/ and I fear, we’ll be martyred then/ for knowing that something is wrong, but we cant put our finger on it

A heart of gold is so hard to manage
Track Name: Trinkets
You’ve got nothing better to do with you time but collect these trinkets and coddle them/ someday you might see me running through fire going down/ you’ll be indifferent/ sitting on your cloud/ running your tired mouth/ while you make plans in your head ill be scream out loud/ finding dead end after dead end/and I’m ok with that/ you will be shooting the shit and flying kites/ I will be using and bruising my hands/ and the difference is I’ll be doing all that I can to make things better

When the string holding your life is rubbing up against the knife/ busting threads left and right and all you’ve got is time/ I’ll be waiting for the day that you look up at me and say you’ve wasted most your life away just waiting for a sign/ waiting for a sign.